Creating QuickFix for Xml file


I try to create the QuickFix for the xml file.I use with ElementProblemAnalyzer class for code analyzer. But Resharper does not call my analyzer. What is wrong?

This is example of my simple analyzer

ElementProblemAnalyzer(typeof (IXmlTag), HighlightingTypes = new[] {typeof (XmlErrorHighlighting)})]
public class MyXmlStructAnalyzer : ElementProblemAnalyzer<IXmlTag>
     protected override void Run(IXmlTag element, ElementProblemAnalyzerData data, IHighlightingConsumer consumer)

I have ZoneMarker like this

public class ZoneMarker :  IRequire<ILanguageJavaScriptZone>, IRequire<ICodeEditingZone>, IRequire<DaemonZone>


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XML files don't support ElementProblemAnalyzer, and instead use IXmlAnalysisProvider and [XmlAnalysisProvider]. I don't know why, but there's a feature request to add support - RSRP-414011.


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