Using VS, RS-C++ and WinGDB

I am trying to use VS 2013 as the IDE for Linux development. I am using WinGDB to cross compile the code on a VMware Linux VM, and then transfer the code to the target embedded system. I was using the old C/C++ support in ReSharper to help. This was all working fine until the official release of RS-C++. Now it basically can't find most of my include files, even though I added the entire toolchain to the project. It is showing me hundreds of errors. Of course I am not using VS to compile, so the errors are not real errors. But they are very distracting.

Has anyone tried this? If so, what did you have to do to make it work?

Can anyone tell me how to turn off RS-C++ for a specific project or solution?

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Hi Michael Miller,
Could you please provide us a sample WinGDB project to reproduce the problem.


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