ReSharper C++ is not aware of the header files of my project

I am working on a header only library findMFBase ( This library is shipped with unit tests which produce exe's. As metabuild system I am using cmake. I generate the sln and vcprojs using: cmake ..\findMFBase -G "Visual Studio 12 2013 Win64".

The problem is that C++ ReSharper seems not to be aware of any of the header files of findMFBase project.

As long as I am in the .cpp file everything is fine but if I open an header of my project than the #include statements pointing to other header files within the findMFBase library are marked in red.

I did the cmake glob 'trick' to have the header files included in the projects.

file(GLOB Demo_HEADERS "sql/*.sql" "include/*.h" "include/**/*.h" "include/**/**/*.h"
 "include/**/**/**/*.h" "src/**/*.h" "src/**/**/*.h" ".travis.yml")
add_library(headers SHARED ${Demo_HEADERS} Dummy.cpp)

How can I make ReSharper C++ aware of this files?




Hello Witold!
Thank you for contacting us.
Please try to install latest ReSharper Release (, clear cash (ReSharper ->Options -> General -> Clear Caches) and try to reproduce your problem again.
Thank you!


It seems improved. Most of the includes are not anymore highlighted as missing.
However, for instance  in file deisotoper.h line 28 #include <base/chemistry/iisotopeenvelope.h> is marked with an error (cannot open source file). However, compiler has not problem building the project.

Furthermore, some warnings about possible unused #include directives are missleading. For instance in filter.h
#include <boost/cstdint.hpp> on line 14 is marked as unused while on line 32  typedef boost::uint32_t uint32_t; is clearly used.

These are just 2 examples, I found going through the solution after updateing ReSharper C++. But there are much more of these types of problems : i.e. file readtableutils.h
where presumably <boost/lexical_cast.hpp> file does not exist.
To many instances where  a header is marked as unused i.e. <string> and just a few lines below there is a function declaration where one of the arguments is of the type std::string.

ReSharper C++ is not perfect. But worse I am bit worried that using it might introduce errors which werent there (for instance if I start removing header includes as suggested).



Hello Witold!
Thank you for your answer!
I've created an issue in YouTrack:
You can follow this request and vote for it.
Thank you!

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Witold, thanks for the feedback!

Looks like deisotoper.h is not included into any .cpp in your solution, so in fact it does not get compiled. The error is valid - if you try to include deisotoper.h say into dummy.cpp, the compiler would report the same error. The same goes for your other example with readtableutils.h.

'Possibly unused #include' issue in filter.h is unfortunately a bug, it is tracked in As a workaround, if this analysis breaks your code too often, you can disable it until the issue is fixed.


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