Symbol usages list does not show file names

When looking at the usages of a symbol, ReSharper C++ doesn't show the names of the files these usages appear in. It shows the project name and directory path, but not the file names. This behavior is inexplicable. Without the file name, the directory path is of little use to me.

Attached an example screenshot. The function print() is defined and used in project CppTest and in a file located in a folder named Test. But the usages list doesn't show that the name of the file is Common.h. It only shows the name of the functions where it's used.

Would it be possible to add the file name in the right column of the usages list, so that is shows that e.g. the second usage of test() is in <CppTest>\Test\Common.h ?


ReSharper C++ symbol usage.png

Hello Iliyan!
Thank you for contacting us.

Could you please download and install the latest ReSharper Release and check if the issue is still present for you? You may download it here:

Please let me know if it helps.

Thank you.

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Iliyan, thanks for the report!

You are correct, the current presentation is not very useful. I've filed to fix it, please follow this issue if you're interested.


Thanks, Igor! I'll keep an eye on the issue.


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