Resharper C++ Inconsistent naming not showing warning

I've set up the naming style rules for C++ however when I break them there isn't any warning displayed.

E.g naming rule for Classes and Structs is set to UpperCamelCase however the following code doesn't produce a warning.

class badnameclass



I have noticed that the "Inconsistent Naming" for Inspection Severity isn't tagged with C++ so maybe this isn't available?

This is in Visual Studio 2015 and Resharper Ultimate v2016.2.2.

Any advice/help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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You are correct, the "Inconsistent Naming" inspection hasn't been implemented yet for C++ - sorry about that, please follow for updates.

At the moment, R++ uses naming rules only for generation of new names (e.g. for introduce refactorings or generate).


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Thanks for the fast response Igor!  I'm glad to see that there's a issue being worked on.

I'd love to see this come to life soon (especially as it's advertised on the R# C++ website ;) ).


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