C++ Code Style settings from drop downs are not saved

The following three code style settings, selected from the drop down menus, are not saved:

"Use paths relative to the source file,"

"Use angular brackets instead of quotes,"

"Default pointer initializer."

It seems as though the settings are working correctly, however, every time I bring up the options page, they revert back to their defaults. These defaults are also used when exporting my settings, in the case where I want to share my settings with my colleagues.

Is this the chosen behaviour, or is it a bug?

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This is a bug. Please use the latest 2016.3 build (available from https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/ReSharper/ReSharper+2016.3+EAP) which has the fix.

I believe the properties are saved, it's just that the options are not displayed in the correct order. We relied on Type.GetFields() and Type.GetEnumValues() returning elements in the same order for enums. This turned out to be a false assumption in the release build, but was ok in debug builds, so we didn't catch it sooner.

Thanks for the report!


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