Find Usages Grayed Out

I originally had a license only for ReSharper Ultimate and find usages worked great. I liked ReSharper so much I received a license for ReSharper C++. My experience was terrible. Visual Studio completely halted, everything become unusable. When using "Find Usages" a message would appear stating "ReSharper is thinking..." and then fade out. It would never show me the usages. I gave up and returned the license for ReSharper C++. Now my "Find Usages" option is grayed out.


How can I fix this?

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Could you please try disabling "ReSharper C++" in ReSharper | Options | Environment | Product & Features? If it doesn't work, would uninstalling ReSharper C++ via the installer help?

Could you please also help us to understand this better? Was the issue happening on 2016.2 or an EAP build? Does your solution contain both C# and C++ code? Did the initial cache update finish? If so, did "Find Usages" not work inside C++ or C# code?



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Restarting brought the option back for me.


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