Replace vstest.console.exe with ReSharpers's runner on my build server

We're using VSTS with Build and Release setups that include running unit tests. That test runner seems very poor in that there's no in-assembly parallelism and it's always finding my tests twice, so 25 minutes of tests becomes 50 minutes of tests. We'd like to replace the console runner with ReSharper's (even willing to buy a license to cover that box for it) so that we can get it run like it does in the VS Extension.

Unfortunately, I can't find any documentation if that's even possible. I know that I could just set up a command line batch file to run the tests but would lose the integration that VSTS provides showing history of the tests and such.

Is there an option, documentation or other such thing which can point me in the right direction for trying to set this up? If there's documentation just for plain TFS Build & Release that should work for me as well.

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