Type creation from template not working sometimes


Has someone the same behaviour like me so I want to create a class via:
"context menu (right click on c# project)->Add->New from template->class(or any other type)-> name it".
When I click the OK button nothing happens.

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Hello Marcel,

Does it happen in a newly created solution? Or does it happen in some particular one only? What source control do you use (GIT, TFS, etc)?

Please run Visual Studio with the following command line: 'devenv /ReSharper.LogFile C:\log\resharper_log.txt /ReSharper.LogLevel Verbose'. After that reproduce the behavior, create a new support request (Submit a request button above) and attach the corresponding 'resharper_log.txt' file there. 


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Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your help I think I got it.
It was some kind of this issue https://resharper-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/207242795--Refactoring-failed-Files-still-read-only-error-message-when-applying-Quick-Fix 
I always got log messages like:
01:23:07.160 |V|                               | Rolling back document transaction. Ensure writable fail: Files still read-only:
  “C:\Users\Marcel Schlegel\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\ConsoleApplication_Test\ConsoleApplication_Test\MyFile.cs”
But after disabling
the git provider everything worked fine :)
I always use SmartGit as an external git client so it's not too bad for me ;)



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