TypeScript 2.0 "paths" feature breaks ReSharper completely


This is just a salt post about how disappointed I (again) am about ReSharper. In general it is a HUGE help, but - the bugs... man the bugs. First of all, working with solutions containing dozens of projects is a PAIN. Crashes over crashes (only one word: node), but that aside:

The path feature of TypeScript to map source files/folders at development time just completely breaks ReSharper. It's absolutely useless. No symbol can be resolved and you can't even disable that inspection (!!). I have disabled all inspection errors, but it simply does not goes out of the way. To work without the nasty "import symbol"-toolip (which apparently does not solve the problem either) I need to disable inspections for TS entirely. Wow. Really great.

This is my third or fourth evaluation of ReSharper. And while I think it's absolutely worth the money I never bought it because at some point I always got to the point of crashes, broken features or over-driven "magic" one can't effectively disable.

I really would like to see - once in a time - see ReSharper working as intended. Would be great.

Salt out.

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I'm on 2016.3.2 and this is still horribly broken. I can get better code help from VS Code and tslint.


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