Seeing all method documentation

These are probably stupid questions but I really can't figure out how to do this.

a) How can you see the documentation for the return value of a method in the intellisense popup? I can see the parameter list and the method summary but there's no return value documentation.

b) How can you see the documentation for parameters ahead of your "current position" if you want to investigate the various method signatures without typing in some quick dummy parameter value and then a comma to advance the parameter being documented? When browsing method overloads I often want to see the documentation for the parameters to see what they do. 

Am I missing something really obvious? 

Also, why doesn't mouse scrolling work to on the list of method overloads? It's really annoying to have to use keyboard arrow keys to look through a long list instead of just scrolling the mouse.

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For return type:  ReSharper -> Options -> IntelliSense -> Enhanced ToolTip -> Display Identifier documentation -> Display return value documentation.


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