Typescript 2.0 @types-folder not recognized by ReSharper


I have Resharper latest (2016.2) and am experimenting with "NodeJS Tools for Visual Studio".

My Environment is Typescript 2.0.2 and React 15.1. I have installed the react types under "@types/react" in  the node_modules Folder.

When I load a tsx file, after a short time the "react" (and other dependencies that should use the typings unter "@types/...") in the Import Statement has a squiggly red line and says "cannot find module react". The ReSharper Icon in the upper right is yellow, but got red dots for each "Import"-line.

What can i do to let Re# find the imports?



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+1 for this.

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Ah, seems it's already known about and will be in 2016.3: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-460974



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