Visual Studio hangs during "Unloading project" step at shutdown when Resharper is enabled

I persistently run into an issue where Visual Studio cannot be closed normally when Resharper is enabled. The dialog that normally diplays briefly with “Unloading project X of Y” hangs at “0 of Y” forever. The only way to proceed is to force close Visual Studio from Windows Task Manager. When I disable the JetBrains Resharper extension from the Extensions menu, the problem goes away. These symptoms affect any Visual Studio instance I open, regardless of what solution file I have loaded. It even affects entirely basic solutions like a brand new Hello World C# console project. 

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Hello John Moran, thank you for your message. Could you please notice all the opened tool windows at the moment of freeze, or even make a screenshot? The issue may be caused by some improperly terminated tool window. Also, what ReSharper and Visual Studio versions are you using?


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