ReSharper Creating and Showing Lots of .TMP Files in Solution Explorer in VS2022 Version 17.9.2

At first I thought this was a Visual Studio issue but as soon as I disabled ReSharper it stopped happening and when I re-enabled ReSharper it stared happening again so it's clearly a ReSharper issue so please take a look at this because it is very annoying and it does impact productivity in a big way.

ReSharper 2023.3.3 started creating and showing lots of . TMP files in Solution Explorer in Visual Studio Enterprise 2022 Version 17.9.2:

These files are also visible in the Windows Explorer, are not deleted when I exit Visual Studio, and are included in search results creating lots of clutter:

Why is ReSharper creating all these .TMP files, how do I prevent it from doing so, or at least get it to stop displaying them in my Solution Explorer?


Hello Dean Kuga, thank you for you question. It seems that this may be related to the antivirus. Do you use F-Secure? If so, could you please put .cs file extension in the scanner exclusion list? Does it help?


I'm using Malware Bytes and I added both VS folder and my repositories folder to Allow folder list which should exclude all my source code from scanning. I will report back if creation of these .TMP files stopped.


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