Invalid error count in Solution Analysis

Running the latest version of Resharper with vs2022

Build 233.0.20240117.105338 built on 2024-01-17

The solution analysis error count in the lower right of the status bar displays a false error count. For example, it may say “220 errors in 4 files”.

Then I click on that text (which is a link) which presumably takes me to the first file with the errors. It takes me to the file, which has no errors, and the error/file count is updated (reduced). If I keep clicking on this count, eventually it shows no errors.

In effect, the error count displayed and solution analysis is not useful in this condition.




Could you please provide some screenshot demonstrating such errors? 

Please also let us know what kind of project you are working in?

Thank you.


I'm sorry for the super long delay.

The issue comes and goes, however it looks like it may have been fixed in the latest release Build 233.0.20240306.114926 built on 2024-03-06.

If the issue arises again, I will provide an update.




Hello Golf League Tracker,

Thank you for the reply. If the problem reoccurs, please let us know.


So the issue came back.

There's no pattern as to when this error shows up. I click on that link, and it goes to the first file it thinks there's an issue, and it must re-evaluate that file, sees there are no errors, then the error count and file count goes down.


Perhaps related, in the notification section of VS2022???



Could you please pack all logs located in %localappdata%\Temp\JetLogs, you could share it using our service.

Please also let me know some specific date and time when the issue occurred.

Thank you in advance.


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