AI Assistance

I have a question regarding AI Assistance.
When using AI Assistance will information and code sent to ReSharper site (or elsewhere) or is AI Assistance working on the same computer?

Need to understand, before starting to use AI Assistance for security reasons and workplace policies.



Hello Shai,

Currently the AI Assistant sends data to third-party language model providers (OpenAI at the moment). Please take a look at the FAQ on


Thanks for the answer.

you are saying currently as it will change in the future?



Yes, it's in the FAQ as well:

The JetBrains AI service is an independent LLM provider. We use the best models for every development task, and in the forthcoming JetBrains AI Enterprise plan, both customized and on-premise models are used.

Currently, AI Assistant uses OpenAI’s GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 models, as well as models trained by JetBrains. We continuously test new models and will add further LLM providers in the future.

For on-premises scenarios, AI Assistant will be served by the specific platform’s LLM, such as Azure OpenAI.


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