Find usages not working properly

we're using Resharper C++ in a solution containing a main- and and shared-projects.
The main-project contains the application and the shared-projects are containing common classes.
Often classes from the main- are derived from classes in the shared-projects.

If I call the function “Find Usages” for a member-function in the main-project, where the class is derived from a class in the shared-project, only references in the main-project are shown.
I've already tried “Find Usages Advanced” with the option “Scope : Solution and libraries” but I get the same results.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

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Hello Benjamin,

It's probably a bug, but I can't reproduce it on a simple solution. Could you please share a sample solution where this happens? If not, maybe you can at least record a screencast of this issue? 

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