Can't enable indexing of modified unreal engine source code

Hi, at my company, we use a modified version of UE 5.2, and indexing of project files works perfectly. However, in the engine, only header files are being indexed, besides enabling index engine source files in settings. At Third-Party Code tab there aren't any additional file masks. At home on the personal computer and standard UE index of engine source files works fine.

Is there any other option that I need to set up to make ReSharper index both headers and source files of the altered engine?

I can add that all of my 4 friends have the same issue and no one knows how to resolve it. For me is especially annoying as I work on tools for the company so I'm looking at engine source code a lot.



What do you mean by not being indexed precisely? If you open a source file from the engine, is code analysis not working inside it?

Does turning off “Use Unreal Engine project model” and reopening the solution help?



So it looks like R# works in the engine files, but compilation properties are wrong. Are you sure your modified version of the engine generates .vcxproj with the correct properties?

Could you please open a file with red code, then inside the file do Alt+Enter, and

1) Type “/all dump project model”, save the dump.

2) Type “/all dump c++ inclusion context”, save the dump.

3) Upload the dumps to


If you are able to share it, could you please also upload the generated .vcxproj for the engine?


I'm sorry, but based on our internal politics I'm able to share only c++ inclusion context. I'm not sure, but it looks like there is a problem with the includes. R# wants to include all symbols from different places, maybe I have to set up absolute paths root for engine somewhere?

Upload ID: 2023_12_11_hk1duWDraNQPHiWvPpb7bS


Yes, it looks like the include paths are missing. In UE5.vcxproj for a standard UE project I have `AdditionalIncludeDirectories` set for each source file. Does your UE5.vcxproj have `AdditionalIncludeDirectories` for e.g. TemplateSequenceTrack.cpp from the dump?

It could be due to some error when generating project files. Could you please rerun “Generate Visual Studio project files” on your .uproject and share the UBT output from `c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\UnrealBuildTool\Log_GPF.txt`? Or at least check if there are any errors there.


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