Run xUnit tests in ReSharper test runner on WSL2 or inside Docker

I have platform-dependent code that I need to test (unit tests must be green on Windows and on Linux).

How can I add a configuration to the ReSharper Test Runner to execute my xUnit tests on either WSL2 or inside a Docker Container? Like I can specifiy debug profiles for WSL2 and Docker in launchSettings? 

As an example, the following test should be green for WSL2:

       public void IsRunningOnLinux()


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Hello, Stephan Volmer ,

Regrettably, this feature is not yet implemented. I've submitted a new feature request to our bug tracker RSRP-494456 Support running unit tests in remote environments. We would appreciate it if you upvote the request to indicate your interest in this feature

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask. Have a great day!


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