Inspect This does not show all options for C++ class method

Just installed ReSharper C++ 2023.1.2:
JetBrains ReSharper 2023.1.2 Build 231.0.20230511.204439 built on 2023-05-11
ReSharper C++ 2023.1.20230515.131607

When I right click on a class method name and choose Inspect -> Inspect This... I only see the option for Code Issues.  In another project (without classes) I can see Incoming Calls and Outgoing Calls.

Am I missing a preliminary step that I should first carry out?


In the code below, the method signature is like this:

bool DCR::initialize(const wstring& configFileFolder) {


I right-click on initialize - am I doing it wrong?

Note: New to ReSharper.



Not sure why "Incoming calls" is not available in the first case. "Outgoing calls" is not implemented yet for C++ in any case and does not work.

Screenshots comparing both cases where "Incoming calls" is and is not available might help.



Igor, thank you.

Some further findings on my part: If I invoke Inspect This from the name of a method in a class declaration (not implementation), then Incoming/Outgoing Calls options are displayed.  But you are right in that choosing Outgoing Calls does nothing.

Thank you again.


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