Installation On Mac

 Hi everybody. I just wanted to know whether i can install ReSharper Community on visual studio 2017 on mac or now.

If i can then please give me the instructions.

Official comment



Thank you for the feedback.

We have no plans to support "Visual Studio for Mac". We highly recommend to try JetBrains Rider for C# development on Mac.

Thank you.

I think you should make plans, .NET core is opening up a lot of development on the Mac platform. I'm tied to visual studio, so rider is not an option. 


lots of developers i know are now migrating to VS on mac. definitely a market there for JetBrains resharper.


I was just looking for this. I just switched to VS on mac and now I am sad that there is no support for this.


We have a full team of devs on VS for Mac with .net core - would love to have resharper.


All my company developers use VS on Mac


I'm working on xamarin android and ios projects and rider doesn't have integration with xCode and doesn't support axml as well. So it would be grate if you make this integrations in rider either make resharper work on VS.


I think the official JetBrains response would be "We already have a .NET IDE for POSIX, it's called Rider." But I am following tutorials that use VS for Mac and I totally agree; you should port ReSharper.


I come from VS for mac.

After shifting to Rider I feel just like "Does I've been hyped by Window's Rider users?".

Tons of shortcuts did not make for mac.

There are no F1...F2 shortcuts in any good mac software.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not said Rider is bad. But VS for Mac feels more fast and native for mac to me.

So I'm more happy to pay the same price as Rider but get just Resharper for mac.

Not sure anyone thought like me?


We also use resharper at our company and i'd like to consider for our testing suites but half the team uses VS on Windows while the other staff use Visual Studio on Mac.  It would be wicked to get it running on the mac.  We are currently running .net c# apps but will move to .net core in the near future.


How about I put it like this, if you don't someone else will fill this market gap.


With the arriving of .Net Core Jetbrains should deploy Resharper for Mac ASAP.


So Rider exists on Mac, and has the same functionality (albeit with a clunkier interface) than Visual Studio + Resharper.

Speaking of clunky interfaces, Visual Studio on Mac is horrid.

I would strongly recommend that if there _is_ a Resharper port to *ix that it gets built as a VS Code extension. That would be a lovely tool.


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