Code cleanup inserts new lines between every line of HTML

VS 15.5.0, ReSharper 2017.3 EAP 8 (latest version of both)

Code cleanup for .CSHTML file - inserts extra blank lines between every single line of HTML, but just the HTML (not the C# or JavaScript within the .CSHTML file)


- clearing ReSharper cache via options

- clearing ReSharper cache manually

- full fresh git clone of solution

- many OS reboots

- uninstall / reinstall ReSharper EAP 8


Nothing above has any effect; Code cleanup always inserts extra lines into HTML spaces.

This started happening after I upgraded to EAP 8.


Hello Buddy!


Thank you for the feedback.

Have you tried any newly created solution, is the issue reproduced on it?

Could you please specify what kind of Code Cleanup you applying (Full cleanup, reformatting, custom profile)?

Thank you.


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