Continuous testing scope not working

So I'm pretty knew to Resharper, and I've wanted to try the Continuous Testing feature with my project, to try to help my develop. It seems to not be working for me, and give me a yellow question mark, along with a message saying "No tests found in continuous testing scope". I've not found anything online about this issue, so I don't know what is going on. I have 4 projects inside of my solution, and it's still saying that. It's saying this for all of the projects I make, and work on. I've looked at tutorials that show how to set it up, I do the same, and it still doesn't work.


Is anyone here to answer me? It's been a while since I asked this question. I feel like I'm being ignored. Not to rush you or anything I would just like to fix my problem.


Hello Jacob,

Sorry for the delay!

Could you please tell which test framework do you use (NUnit, xUnit, MsTest etc.)? Could you see any tests in ReSharper's Unit Test Explorer window?


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