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You can specify the target C# version explicitly by selecting the project in the Solution Explorer and using the C# Language Level property in the Visual Studio's Properties window (choose View | Properties Window in the menu).

Thank you.

Yes, that's what I have written.

But the question was if it is possible to specify it in ReSharper (to override project settings) because after opening the project in VS2017 it changes to C#7.1 (opposed to VS2015 where it is 6.0). Please see the question on StackOverflow I provided in the original post.


The SO question got anwered, copying it here for reference:

Add line below into dotSettings file ({Solution name}.sln.DotSettings)

<s:String x:Key="/Default/CodeInspection/CSharpLanguageProject/LanguageLevel/@EntryValue">CSharp60</s:String>


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