Tab seems completely broken

I had a previous issue where Tab was triggering insert via TAB.


This was resolved after clearing the cache, but it's started happening again. Except it's even worse now.

e.g. I type


and then select TOSTring(), hit tab and I get.

Yes, that's BitConverter._ ()

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, that didn't fix it. I've tried clearing caches, that hasn't fixed it.

I'm also seeing auto complete put tabs in after everything. So I end up with code like this:

I've had to turn resharper off as it's made Visual Studio (2017 Enterprise, latest version) completely unusable.


Hello Stuart!


Sorry to know you've experienced inconvenience with R#.

Could you please give R# one more try, install it and check if issue is reproduced in newly created solution or in some specific only?

Thank you.


Have you tried to reset all Visual Studio settings. I remember seeing this once before and if I am not mistaken this might be a setting in Visual Studio. Menu Tools => Import & Export settings => Reset all settings and you can save your currenty settings so that you can import them back.

Another way is to start Visual Studio with the command-line devenv.exe and the argument /ResetSettingsFull.


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