Find usages - returns incorrect results

R# 2017.2.2

VS 2015 Update 3

When I ask R# to show me usages of a generic interface method with a specific type, it is returning all usages of the interface, regardless of the type.

For example if I request usages of IEquatable<Foo>.Equals(Foo other) I get ALL usages of IEquatable<T>.Equals(T other) regardless of the type of T.  In a large solution the results swamp the results window.

In the "Find Results" window, the "Search Target" pane correctly shows the requested search target, but the "Found xxx usages in solution" pane shows too many items.

Please fix this issue so that when I ask for usages of IEquatable<Foo>.Equals(Foo other) then only these usages are shown.

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Official comment

Hello David!


Thank you for the feedback.

You can configure this behavior by the following option - ReSharper | Options | Environment | Search & Navigation |  Find generic types usage behavior.

Thank you.

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Hi Angelina,  thank you for the reply.  That setting is just what I was looking for!


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