[C#] ReSharper ignoring Third-Party Code settings when refactoring



When I rename classes, methods, properties etc in C#, it scans through my EF Migrations classes even though I've explicitly told it to NOT look there. See screenshots.

I've tried different combinations of only specifying it in one of the boxes, restarting VS and computer etc, but nothing helps. I've had this problem several weeks now. I can't specify exactly when it started, though.

The consequence of this is that a renaming refactoring takes about 1 minute as it scans through all of the migrations files, which basically renders the function unusable.

Last week I switched to a new machine, with a fresh install of VS 2015 and ReSharper this problem still persists. Using "ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2.2".

This problem could be the related to this post: https://resharper-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000087050-Resharper-exclude-node-modules-from-Refactor

From the linked post, it's obvious I am not the only one with this problem, and it seems to span across multiple languages, and not just C#.

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Hello Jimmy!


Sorry for delay in responding.

As far as I understand and could see from screenshots you've specified in Third-Party Code section folder which containts .cs files while this section is provided only for C++ and Web languages (as it's said in the top of the options page). 

Why not exclude the specified folder from solution?

Thank you.


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