Add VC++ Directories\Source Directories, recursively, to Resharper

Hi, we are using an external build tool plugged in VC which knows to build my changes into a huge external solution.

This means that in VC i will just have a Makefile project with a few hpp.cpp files i'm modifying, still the full source code is present on my computer for references (hpp and cpp) but without the sln file or vcproj files.

Is there a way to say to ReSharper to parse those extra folders recursively such as to be able to see includes or navigate to definitions?



You have to add additional preprocessor definitions/include search paths to "NMake | IntelliSense" in project properties for R++ to use them. VC++ directories should already get picked up from the "VC++ Directories | Include Directories" property.



wow that was fast, it works perfect, ty.


Is there a way to activate "Find Usages of Symbol" on this extra folders also? By default it's searching in solution only.


By default files not included into the solution are considered external. Find usages will look inside external files only if the search target has at least one declaration in an external file.

However, you can change this behavior by checking "ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C++ | Inspections | Enable inspections, quick fixes and context actions in files external to solution". With this option enabled, R++ should look into all files when searching for usages (note that this will also include the C++ standard library and other libraries used by your solution, so might slow down your searches quite a bit).


Hmmm... i checked the checkbox, but it does not help, same only Found 73 usages in solution.


Unfortunately, ReSharper will only index those external files that are included (directly or indirectly) into a file inside the solution, so there's no way to index additional .cpp files that are not a part of the solution. An alternative way is to use the "Open Folder" functionality in VS 2017 ( and configure include paths via CppProperties.json, but R++ will probably need a long time to index your entire solution if it's so huge.


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