Autocomplete tab replace leaves trailing characters

I've been experiencing an issue lately and I am able to consistently reproduce it. I figured out what the issue is, and hoping it can be fixed soon.

Whenever I use autocomplete with tab to replace a statement, I am left with trailing characters which I then need to manually remove. More specifically, the number of trailing characters that remain are equal to the number of characters I typed. 

In this example, I am trying to replace "RunningUser" with "CurrentUser". After typing "cu" I expect to press Tab and have Resharper correctly replace it. However, I am always left with trailing characters.

Type cu:

Press tab:

Notice the extra "er". It consistently keeps the number of characters I typed in. So, if I don't type anything and just press tab, it works fine. If I type "cu" it keeps "er", if I type "cur" it keeps "ser", etc.

I can provide more info if needed. Please let me know if this is an option I can toggle or when this can be fixed. I am using VS 15.3.2 and Resharper 2017.2.

I also reported this on YouTrack -

Thank you


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I am getting this intermittently, but cannot reproduce it consistently. Clearing Resharper cache and restarting Visual Studio seems to clear it up for a while, but it eventually comes back.

Edit: Just checked the bug link, and it's marked fixed in 2017.2.1.


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