ReSharper C++ not working after upgrade to 2017.2

I upgraded R# Ultimate to 2017.2 this morning on VS 2017. It finds my files (when I use ctrl+shift+t) but isn't to find any types (ctrl+t). The find types window says "no types found in solution". I only have minimal syntax coloring and go to definition/declaration (f12 or right click menu) doesn't do anything. I've tried clearing my caches via the button, and also manually by deleting the transient folder. I uninstalled and reinstalled R#. The R# menu shows up and says it's enabled and licensed. I also tried taking the newest VS update. I'm running with VS Intellisense turned off (disable database: true), as I have for a long time. I guess I can try turning that on, although that seemed to make things worse, not better in the past. Any other ideas? 

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The more information you give us the better :)

What version of VS are you using (from "Help | About Microsoft Visual Studio")? What type of project do you have (CMake/Open Folder/plain old vcxproj)? Could you share your project so we could try to reproduce the issue? Does the issue occur on other solutions or only on this one? Does disabling "Read project properties" in "ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C++ | Performance" and reopening the solution help if you use VS 15.3? Could you please enable trace level logging (, open your solution and send us the logs (


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Unlikely, but could you please also verify that "ReSharper C++" is present and enabled in "ReSharper | Options | Environment | Products & Features"?

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That did the trick. I disabled the "Read project properties" option and restarted VS, and opened up the sln. The project took a long time to load (3-5 mins) but when the loading dialog went away, all my syntax highlighting popped in and my Intellisense is working again. Thanks for the suggestion.

A couple of extra notes for you in case this isn't already a known issue:
- My VS version is 15.3.3.
- After opening the .sln on Tuesday evening, I left it open while I was out of the office yesterday. Even 36 hours later, it still hadn't loaded. So it's not just a problem of the async load taking a while. I didn't think to check CPU usage while it was in this state.
- Before switching the setting, I tried creating a new project and wrote a few classes and tested the Intellisense. It worked fine. So maybe it's something with the particulars of my project files, or the size. My project is big but not huge. Probably about 40 .vcxprojs but half of them only have a dozen files.
- I don't think I can share my project files. I work for a big organization, it'd probably be a lot of work to get approval.
- Also interesting is that that the memory usage indicator in the bottom right of my VS window normally hangs out around 700 MB right after opening this solution (it grows over time to 1.8 GB and starts to flake out, which is when I restart VS). When I was seeing this problem, it was staying at less than 200 MB. Right now, after the synchronous load completed, it's at 400 MB.

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Thanks a lot for confirmation!

We're not aware of that particular problem, so it would be great if you could help us understand the issue better. If you have some time, please repeat the issue with asynchronous reading of properties turned on and:

1) Collect the logs - they should have any runtime exceptions and could help to trace the execution path.

2) Collect a short performance snapshot using the embedded profiler after ReSharper does not start up ( It will contain stack traces of ReSharper threads, so should show what it was waiting for.

Regarding the memory problem - even though memory usage might grow, it should come back after the next garbage collection. So e.g. if memory usage grows from 700MB to 1.8GB and stays at that level, that might (although unlikely) indicate some kind of a memory leak. If this repeats, please take a memory profile using dotMemory and we'll investigate.

Thanks for your help!



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