Continuous integration with Boost.Test


for a project I am using Boost to do unit testing. It all works fine when using "Unit testing session". However, I'd like to also have automatic testing, ie. when I build the project. Is this possible when working with Boost.Test? If so, any pointers on how to get it working are welcome. A sidenote: the test explorer in Visual also does not see any tests.

Visual 2017 community edition 15.2 (26430.14)
Resharper Ultimate 2017.2
Boost 0.1.65 (14.1, built for Visual 2017)

Any help highly appreciated. If it'd be better to switch to Google.Test or Catch, that would at this point also still be an option.

Greets, Menno

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ReSharper C++ does not support automatically running unit tests after a build at the moment.

As an alternative, if your unit test session has a build policy set, you can use the "Run Current Session" (Ctrl+U, Y) to start the tests, and ReSharper will build the project if needed.



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