Intellisense for netframework4.6.1 app referencing netstandard2.0 library


Using Visual Studio 15.3 and the latest .Net Core SDK, ReSharper is unable to find any types (or namespaces) from a netstandard2.0 library that is referenced in a net461 application. All references are marked in red with the message "Cannot resolve Symbol". I encountered this issue with both the current release and the latest EAP build.

I'll attach a solution which demonstrates this problem. The project ReSharperTest targets netstandard2.0 and contains the class NetstandardClass. The project ReSharperTestWPF references the other and uses the class in MainWindow.xaml.cs. The project builds and runs, but ReSharper is unable to provide intellisense for the type in MainWindow.xaml.cs.

Edit: I couldn't figure out how to attach zips, so I uploaded the file to

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I'm sorry; my issue has already been fixed in the latest EAP. It seems the installation failed when I did it the first time.


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