VS2015 Crash when Loading Solutions

I have hit this problem before, but never this bad and I can usually resolve it.  In short, VS2015 is crashing with Resharper is activate when loading a solution. I have AE Debugging turn on my development machine to crash dump file, but the dump is over 3GBs.

Has any one else been experiencing this problem?

BTW - my solution files are C++ projects.

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Hello Shawn!


Do you have a Xamarin part installed in Visual Studio? We've got a lot of similar reports about crashes/memory usage problem from our customers recently and all we saw in the dump files was related to Xamarin. We contacted MS Team and they told us that they were working on a fix for Xamarin. Please try removing Xamarin from Visual Studio 2015 and check the same issue once again.

Thank you.


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