How to add a code modification feature


I don't know if it's possible and how to achieve this.... I'm using Catel as MVVM Framework in a WPF application and since I'm using a weaver assembly to convert the auto properties to Catel ones I wish to add as a "task" of resharper the ability to convert this code


public ObservableCollection<string> Fonts
get { return GetValue<ObservableCollection<string>>(FontsProperty); }
set { SetValue(FontsProperty, value); }
public static readonly PropertyData FontsProperty = RegisterProperty("Fonts", typeof(ObservableCollection<string>), null);


public ObservableCollection<string> Fonts { get; set; }

I mean to add it here

Is it possible? How?



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Please try R# Structural Search and Replace feature, for detailed information please refer to the following help article -

Thank you.


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