Annoyances with the Dotcover coverage tree


Having just recently upgraded from Reshaper 9 to Resharper Ultimate 2017.1, I'm loving the code coverage that dotcover brings to the IDE, however a have a few annoyances that I haven't been able to address.

I like to have this tool window docked on the left of the main VS window when I'm working (probably because I'm used to the MS Test windows defaulting to that position).

1. The coverage tree shows the namespaces in the hierarchy (Project > Namespace > Class > Members). The namespace node is just noise for me, and when I'm working on a large project that has over 50 projects, having to navigate through the unwanted namespace nodes is a pain. Screen space in this tool windows is very limited, and the extra indentation required for the namespace node, forces me to have the tool window wider that it needs to be. I'd much rather the hierarchy consisted of just Project > Class > Members, as per solution explorer.

2. Altering the columns in the coverage tree is limited. I'd like to be able to remove columns (specifically the uncovered/total stat), and resize columns smaller than the limit that's currently imposed, so I can maximise the size of the symbol column.

3. When information in the symbol column of the coverage tree is too large to fit due to the limited size of the column/tool window, I'd like to see a tool tip when hovering over the item, that shows the full text from this column, as it's currently impossible for me to distinguish some class names without massively widening the tool window temporarily.


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Hi Bryan,

Thank you for the detailed feedback!

I've opened several feature-requests, you are welcome to follow and vote for them:


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