Intellisense showing aditional functions

Hi everybody, i just downloaded ReSharper 2017 for VS 2017. Everything is fine, but I have problem with intellisense. I create own class with for example 2 functions and make instance of it. When I do myclass-> I get not only my functions but also functions like swap, cref, move. How can I turn it off?


Thanks in advance.



It's not a bug, it's a feature! ReSharper C++ will also show you free functions that can accept the expression that you complete after as the first parameter (see for more details). This behavior cannot be turned off at the moment, but it should also not bother you since the free functions should come after all the member functions in the completion list.



Thanks for answer. I know it's feature not bug, but I was wondering if and how can I turn it off. Are you planning to make a option to turn it off?




Thank you very much for help!


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