Core MVCAreas not showing up in asp-area tag helper


View cshtml file referencing a controller action 
<a asp-area="MyArea" asp-controller="MyController" asp-action="Index" class="btn btn-primary">Start</a>

I am unable to get intellisense on the asp-area tag helper. I'm not sure if it's related but I did the following regarding my controller action to view references not working. Maybe this issue is something different? This an issue with my VS17 razor tooling?

I followed steps from the post

Here is what my assembly attributes look like

[assembly: AspMvcViewLocationFormat(@"~\Areas\{1}\{0}.cshtml")]
[assembly: AspMvcViewLocationFormat(@"~\Areas\{1}/Views/{0}.cshtml")]

[assembly: AspMvcAreaViewLocationFormat(@"~\Areas\{2}\{1}\{0}.cshtml")]
[assembly: AspMvcAreaViewLocationFormat(@"~\Areas\{2}\{1}\Views\{0}.cshtml")]
[assembly: AspMvcAreaViewLocationFormat(@"~\Areas\{2}\Shared\{0}.cshtml")]

[assembly: AspMvcViewLocationFormat(@"~\Areas\Shared\{0}.cshtml")]

//I just added this trying to get the asp-for tag helper to work with my areas
[assembly: AspMvcAreaMasterLocationFormat(@"~\Areas\{2}")]


I have each of my controllers with their attribute [Area("MyArea")] and my app's navigation works properly. 

Thanks for any help!






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It has not supported yet, I filed a new request on YouTrack 


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