ITreeNode.GetContainingFile() is returning null after last SDK update

After upgrading to the latest SDK (JetBrains.ReSharper.SDK version=2017.1.20170407.131329), ITreeNode.GetContainingFile() as well as .GetDocumentRange() is returning null. This didn't use to happen. Is this a bug or is there another way to get "DocumentRange" for a ITreeNode?


Please, provide test case where such situation happens.


So this is the code that the plugin runs against:

namespace TestClassLibrary.Business
public enum AddressType
Home = 0,
Work = 1,
Other = 2

It is in a file called "AddressType.cs"

When the cursor selects the enum name "AddressType"...

The plugin code runs:


protected override Action<ITextControl> ExecutePsiTransaction(ISolution solution, IProgressIndicator progress)
     var enumDeclaration = _provider.GetSelectedElement<IEnumDeclaration>(true, true);Snippet
    var document = enumDeclaration.GetDocumentRange().Document;

document is resulting in null since the last SDK update, because internally it is calling:


which also is returning null now (but didn't used to).




John, what is _provider? Better, to provide full sources of plugin so I can check without guessing.


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