R# thinks VS2017 version 15.1 (26403.00) is outdated


I just updated to vs 2017 Release Date: April 5, 2017 - version 15.1 (26403.00) and reinstall r# 2017.1 and looks like R# does not know about this vs version?

ReSharper Ultimate – VS2017 version is outdated
An older version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is detected.

ReSharper won't be able to execute MSTest tests.

Please update to the latest version.

Official comment


There is the same request on YouTrack https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-464228, we are working on it. Please follow YouTrack ticket to get updates.



Have R#2017.1, this started showing up when opening solutions containing MSTest projects since I updated to VS2017.1 today.


This is definitely related to MSTest projects.   Unloading those projects from a solution causes the error to go away, so does removing the various MSTest tooling references from a .csproj file  

(Not a fix, but hopefully a clue to the underlying cause - perhaps either R# is checking the content of the projects or simply detecting that the MSTest tools are running and thinks the version is wrong)


I'm getting this today too. It hasn't seemed to cause any usability problems aside from not being able to run tests through R#. 


Same here. I don't have an MSTests, but one of my projects started life as a 'C# Test Project'. That seems to be enough to trigger the problem


I get the error also. I'm using MSTEST in my unit test.


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