Exception occurs when running dotCover


When I run the Cover option from the Green dot or from Resharper menu I get an exception window that appears before the Coverage starts.  I can answer "No" to the prompt and everything works correctly after this.

Resharper / dotCover versions:

  • JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3.2 Build 107.0.20170126.120331
  • dotCover 2016.3.20170126.121718
  • Visual Studio Community edition


Hi Gene,

Could you please check "Internal Options | Enable Debug" option in ReSharper | Options | Tools | Unit Testing and turn it off in case it's enabled?
To be able to see this internal option, please start VS with the additional command line key /ReSharper.Internal:

devenv.exe /ReSharper.Internal

That fixed it!  I turned on debugging for another problem I was having (couldn't get the unit tests to run) and didn't realize that it stayed on even after I left Visual Studio.


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