File Structure window is empty

Resharper C++ 2016.3, File Structure shows nothing in my desktop.

Anyone get the same issue?



What do you mean by "in my desktop? If the file structure window is empty, most likely R++ does not parse your file (e.g. it's in an unsupported dialect like C++/CLI or C++/CX, or it's not in the solution).



Sorry, I didn't say it clearly.

I use laptop in my office, and desktop at home. The same C++ code(Very simple yet, a few lines of include, and two functions), both in VS2015 community. The File Structure window works correctly in my laptop, but only display titlebar(without any message, even the toolbar with "Expand All", "Collapse All" buttons is missing) in my desktop


After running repair, it's OK now


It might still be a bug in ReSharper - if you happen to reproduce it, please let us know. Thanks!


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