Fixing the numerous "unused include" issues

In YouTrack there seem to be multiple issues regarding Resharper C++ reporting "unused include" where the include is actually required.

Some of them did not receive a status update for months. Examples: 

Before adding any other feature it would be nice to have these fixed.

Are there any plans on doing so?


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Hello Frank,

We'll try to dedicate some time to fix issues in the unused includes analysis during the next release cycle. If you find this inspection is wrong too often on your codebase, you can disable it completely in inspection settings.


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Hello Igor,

thanks for the quick response.

I would just like to add that unused include analysis is a feature that we really appreciate!
It helps us to remove unnecessary dependencies and sometimes to improve compilation times.

However, with too many false-positives people tend to disable the feature and silence the warnings.

Thats why we are looking forward to the fixes.


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