Fix unused C++ #include directives across solution

I have used the single file quick fix to remove unused #include directives and wanted to do the same across a whole solution. Right clicking on a individual quick fix let me do a find in solution for this issue, of which I have 2868. However I can't find a way to apply the fix to all the items that were found. I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious but after a lot of searching and reading the docs I can't find anything.

Version 16.3.2


Hello David,

Unfortunately this hasn't been implemented yet. You can vote for to receive an update when this gets implemented. But please also note that performing a bulk removal of unused include directives might break your code, because R++ analyzes redundant includes in a header only in the context of a single .cpp file (so if another .cpp file depends on these includes, it might stop compiling).

Thanks for your feedback!


OK, I'm a bit surprised, maybe I'm a bit unusual but my main reason for buying a tool like this is to do bulk changes. If I only had a few files I could do things by hand.

Anyway, in general I always assume a bulk change of any sort can break things. I would always do a full build and run all tests after any such change. My view is that as long as the time to fix the breakage, which in the case of accidentally removing a header file which should have been left is trivial, is less than doing all the changes by hand I still win.

It may be useful if you could make it clearer in the documentation that some quick fixes can not be applied in a larger scope. Ideally a list of those that can and those that can't would be ideal.

Anyway thanks for the response.


We agree, that is one important area of future work for us. For reference, the list of available bulk fixes is at



R++ 2017.1 can fix common issues (including unused includes) across files/projects/solution via code cleanup. If you decide to try it, please use the "Cleanup Code" action (e.g. from a context menu in solution explorer) instead of using the option in Alt-Enter menu, since the latter might cause memory issues.



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