Ignore Folder in Architecture Type Dependency Diagram


I'd like to be able to have the Type Dependency diagram ignore a specific folder in a project, the Migrations folder in an EF Core assembly. That particular folder includes a lot of classes that have little bearing on the current state of the project.

Is this possible? I tried entering the folder via Code Inspection -> skip this folder. But it still shows up.

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Hello Mark

You may exclude this folder from the project and then run "Type Dependency diagram" action.


Unfortunately, excluding the folder is not an option. I forgot to mention this is a Net Core-based project, so the option exclude files or folders is not available in VS 2015. I can delete the folder, but I definitely don't want to do that :)


Hello, I excluded folders that I don't need. But the graph is still stuck on "The graph is bein laid out". I should be able to cancel the laid out and do it manually if the laid out is too hard to handle for Resharper. (already fifteen minutes here).

Edit: found out that you could click on a folder and click "Show type dependancies", some graph can be freaking huge! Need to find out how to best use this feature.


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