Updating source files all the time

I'm trialing Resharper C++. The feature set is great, but performance is terrible.

Everytime I launch visual studio, reload a project, change solution configuration or platform I have to sit through "Updating source files" for a minute and a half. This makes it unusable. 

Why is it so aggressive when nothing has changed?



Reloading a project or changing solution configuration can arbitrarily change the meaning of your code (due to predefined macros or other project properties), so R++ just reindexes the affected files at the moment. We'll try to amend this situation in future releases.

After you've opened a solution and the initial cache update is done, R++ saves the current cache state on the disk. On a subsequent solution load, it will restore this state and reindex only files that have been changed in the meantime. So normally when you reopen the same solution, "Updating source files" should finish faster.


Will excluding files improve this?

I've added folder of generated cpp files to the Generated files and directories as well as the elements to skip, but I still see them in the Updating source files progress dialog.


That's correct, excluding files should help. To do that please add the folder to "Skipped code" on the "Code Editing | Third-Party Code" property page. We're sorry it's confusing, we intend to consolidate all the different settings for skipping code in 2017.1.


Thanks. I'm trying dependencies to library code / skipped code but I am getting the error "Some selected folders are not part of solution and were not added". These dependencies, Qt etc, are in a different location but included in the source.


You can specify external folders using a file mask - e.g. for QT add a mask that is absolute path to QT sources plus "\**" to match all subfolders and files in that folder (see https://www.jetbrains.com/help/resharper/2016.3/Reference_Options_Code_Editing_Third_Party_Code.html).

To elaborate, the distinction is there to make it easier to share settings between team members. Folders that are part of the project will resolve to the corresponding folder with another base solution folder.


I would like to pick up this topic to avoid a new one.

I'm confused why R++ needs to update the source files again after/during compilation?
I don't think that anything changes from the point I hit "Build" and the time the build finished.

Everytime I debug my solution and try to jump through my code using some shortcuts of R++, it is often just sitting there and "thinking" because it updates source files, even if my last edit to any source file / project file is a couple of minutes ago.

Same thing when I finish my debug session and continue to edit source files. Sometimes I just have to wait until it finishes updating source files.


Torben, please make sure that you're running the 2017.1 release.

If you do, please follow instructions at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSCPP-16701#comment=27-1597498 to collect logs around time when reindexing starts. Please send the logs to igor.akhmetov at jetbrains.com, and I should be able to tell you what exactly causes the reindexing during build.



Step 3 of the linked instructions says: "Go to ReSharper->Options->Logging, click on "Create file" in the Logger Configurations->Hive line, and paste the following configuration (with the path to the log file changed to your liking):"

I cannot find "Logging" in ReSharper->Options in 2017.1 (even search doesn't find it).
Where do I have to go in 2017.1?


Torben, the logging page is only available when Visual Studio is run with the /ReSharper.Internal command line argument.


I have resharper ultimate 2018.1.4 and EVERYTIME i open solutions it rescans from scratch completely even when NOTHING has changed. Its pretty useless at the moment. 

How can that be?


Frederic, please contact the support team via "ReSharper | Help | Report a bug or submit feedback" and we'll investigate.


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