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Using the IDEA keyboard scheme and can't find the following actions in Resharper C++:

  • "Shift + Enter" Start new line (this can be used inside current line to start a new line with indentation)
  • "Ctrl + Shift + Enter" Complete statement (used to put ; at the end of expression)

Is it possible to configure these actions for corresponding shortcuts?

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"Start new line" is a builtin Visual Studio command Edit.LineOpenBelow. It's bound by default to "Ctrl + Shift + Enter", but you can rebind it to "Shift + Enter" in the "Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard" dialog.

"Complete statement" is not yet implemented for C++. Please vote for!


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Thanks for quick response!

But this builtin action doesn't indent the new line, so the cursor is placed at the very beginning of the line. Using MSVC 2010 with Resharper C++ 2016.3

Voted for the "Complete statement".


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Yes, unfortunately looks like it'll indent the line only in VS2012 and later. Hopefully this use case will be mostly covered by "Complete statement" when it's implemented.


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