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  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    Problem with RS6 displaying errors.

    Chaps, attached screenshot shows a wierd problem I'm now getting. I was given a new pc yesterday. I've reformatted it, loaded win7, vs2008 and rs6, etc, etc.I open my solution. As you can see in th...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    Removing unused references.

    RS is very good at highlighting and removing unused "using" statements.I was wondering if it was possible that RS could also remove unused references from a project as well? After RS removes the "u...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    Trimming spaces.

    Guys,Is it possible to run RS5 so that when I enter a line of code or do something to an existing line of code, RS could trim any spaces from the right-hand side?If I enter something like "i = 1;  ...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    Problem installing the latest 1235 download.

    Could someone comment on this for me. I just downloaded the latest 4.5 1235 build. When I try to install it I get some nasty errors coming back from the installation. See screenshots.It tells me it...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    4.5 features.

    Guys, I've just discovered that 4.5 nightly builds are now available. What I'm not sure about is what new features 4.5 brings to the party. I think I read somewhere that performance has been improv...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    RS daily builds.

    The RS forums all look very different now to when I last logged in. Something I have noticed though is that the regular supply of RS builds seems to have dried up a bit. Maybe the link has changed ...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    Intellisense observation.

    Guys,I've noticed something that puzzles me. When I get the auto-completion list dropdown they are being selected bottom up if that makes sense. If I have ABC and ABCDE and ABCDF when I start typin...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    Can RS be disabled before opening a project or solution?

    I've run into a problem with RS that's been bugging me for many weeks. I'm not so much complaining about the startup time (which I can live with) but rather the problem where .Net freezes while loa...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    Is it possible to reverse a RS code suggestion?

    I took RS' advice about converting class assignments to object initialisers a bit too liberally. Having refactored my code I've now come to the conclusion that this trivial example:columnHeader = n...
  • Peter Hamilton-Scott created a post,

    It's happened again.

    I have just installed a third-party component from I created a new project (console application) to test the evaluation product. For some reason, RS4 lost all references to Intellise...