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  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    [210] F2 no longer works in solution explorer

    Since Resharper introduced easy renamign through the F2 key, the standard file rename feature of the solution explorer stopped working. I thought it was caused by something else than Resharper, but...
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    [210] Move Type is horked

    I'm trying to move a couple of files in the project I'm working on. This isn't as easy as Resharper makes me think it is.I've tried moving a class named EPR.TabControl (inheriting windorms.TabCOntr...
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    Still memory usage

    Hmmm...I've been having less problems with VS crashes lately due to the fact that my memory is running out. This is probably mostly related to the fact that I now have 1GB of memory instead of 512M...
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    If an action (auto-correct, refactor) etc fails things go out of sync

    Hey,I'm having major problems with Resharper ocne a refactor, auto correct or anything else fails for whatever raeson (mostly because a file that needs to be checked out is locked by another user a...
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    Rename made a renaming mistake...

    I renamed Toslag46_50(iPricelistSeasonDeparturePlaceCalcID)toToeslag46_50(iPricelistSeasonDeparturePlaceCalcID)but the places where the function was referenced was actually renamed toTToeslag46_50i...
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    VS 2005 Final compatibility?

    Not that I expect any issues, but is Resharper 2 compatible with the final release of VS 2005 (it appeared on MSDN Subscriber downloads a few hours ago).Jesse
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    209 Lots of crashes the first start, after that all seems fine.

    I've just installed 209, but it gave me a lot of exceptions during the first start (all submitted). I cleared all caches once more and restarted VS 2003. This time all works as expected.Please add ...
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,


    HeyI was wondering what the status of bug 8895 is... I'm getting this bugger every time I load a project in VS 2003. And the ignore this exception tick doesn't seem to ignore it at all (even though...
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    Code metrics

    Would it be possible to add code metrics analysis to Resharper? Similar to what the Eclipse Metrics plugin does?
  • Jesse Houwing created a post,

    Context menu screwed up

    After installing Ghostdoc Resharper seems to have the contextmenu a bit screwed up. Goto Declaration is missing and Resharper has inserted the items at the wrong positions.Is there a location I can...