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  • Will Dean created a post,

    All recent 6.1 builds unusable with VS2008

    Youtrack doesn't give much confidence that this bug http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RSRP-283658  (and it's related duplicates) is being taken seriously.I am today going back to 6.0 again, becau...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    Multiple tabs to get out of template hotspots

    Do other people find that, for example, the 'property type' hotspot (not sure what they're called - the bits with red borders) on a 'new property' template often needs two presses of TAB to move ou...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    New 'Resharper misbehaves' feature

    This idea is a good one - try and get more feedback from people to try and get R#'s rather questionable quality back up a bit before a launch.But the execution is dismal.I did see misbehaviour, twi...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    Licence expires shortly

    I know it's an EAP tradition to let the EAP licence expire in at least some timezones before putting up a new one.  But I'm intending to spoil it this time by pointing out that the current one will...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    WPF binding false-positive errors

    The new WPF bindings stuff in 6 is great, but unfortunately can't cope with bindings to array elements - I reported this ages ago:  http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/RSRP-234449 but it doesn't se...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    Bing, bing, bing, bong (I wish)

    Will the binging never stop?   Ctrl-T, perhaps particularly in WPF projects, likes to play a system 'bing' sound before it pops-up the 'choose which partial class you actually wanted'.I am tired of...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    No output in today's (2129) test runner

    I know that the idea is to make sure that the R# test runner is always more flaky and unpredicatable than the code you're testing, but today's idea of not showing any output at all from the tests (...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    Default suggestion for Extract Method

    I can't be bothered to file a proper bug, but why does Extract Method always suggest 'GetValue' as the new method name?
  • Will Dean created a post,

    R# keeps breaking our release-mode build

    We have a file with the following code in:#if DEBUG            string libraryDirectory = @"..\..\Methods";#else            string libraryDirectory = Path.Combine(Path.GetDirectoryName(Assembly.GetE...
  • Will Dean created a post,

    Can you please turn R# JS Intellisense off in cshtml files until it's fixed, please, please...?

    It is currently (2118, and been like it for a couple of weeks)  impossible to edit JS code embedded in Razor files.    There is just an endless stream of random Intellisense completion - unless you...