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  • N3croman created a post,

    Bugs not fixed in ReSharper 9 RTM?

    Hi, I've just noticed, that ReSharper 9 RTM was already released, but some quite important bugs I reported in ReSharper 8 are still not fixed.Retested today with the R# 9 RTM version, these are sti...
  • N3croman created a post,

    "Cannot convert source type..." bug in R# 9 EAP

    Hi, I'm seeing this bug on lot of places in my code:Note I got Windows Phone 8 project referencing Portable Class Library, this is probably the root if this bug.VS2013 Pro Update 3, Windows 8.1 x64...
  • N3croman created a post,

    Support for Windows Phone 8.1 preview SDK

    Hi,You have probably noticed that Microsoft started distributing Windows Phone 8.1 preview SDK for VS2013 last week. It's currently in closed beta, where I am s well, but it has leaked to Internet ...
  • N3croman created a post,

    R#8.0.1 and VS2013 RC - bugs

    Just found a bug in VS2013 RC - apparently I cannot change colors for ReSharper in the VS settings, see the screenshot.I've tried to repair the R# installation, no success.Using Windows 8.1 RTM x64...
  • N3croman created a post,

    Show warning when using non-IEnumerable property in ItemsSource

    Here's an idea for simple yet really usefull inspection, that could be easily added to XAML Inspections - when Binding is used on ItemsSource, but the target property is not any IEnumerable type, s...
  • N3croman created a post,

    Two issues with R# 8 and Windows 8.1 projects.

    I'm experiencing these two issues when editing Windows 8.1 projects in VS2013 Preview with R# 8.0.1 EAP:RowDefinition/ColumnDefinition value Auto is marked as invalid:And the other bug, R# is marki...
  • N3croman created a post,

    "Export to File" dialog for exporting options broken in R# 8 RTM

    This is what I see, when I want to export settings to file in ReSharper 8:I've tried changing and saving settings, VS2012 and VS2013, nothing works, the dialog is always empty.Edit, I've just found...
  • N3croman created a post,

    "Files still read-only" issue in R# EAP

    Hi, in the latest EAP of R# 8 I'm experiencing an issue when I want to do some refactorings like "Copy type" or just Ctrl+D, R# tells me "Files still read-only" using a MessageBox or it shows nothi...
  • N3croman created a post,

    Feature request - support intellisense in WindowsStoreProxy.xml files.

    Here's a small feature request for ReSharper 8 - would it be possible to support intellisense when editing WindowsStoreProxy.xml file in Windows 8 projects? These files are used for testing in-app ...
  • N3croman created a post,

    Collection initializer refactoring bug

    Not sure, if it's already reported or fixed in R# 8, but when using "Use collection initializer" and assignment is used in the Add statement, the refactored code is invalid, see the attached screen...